I have always been a believer of oil products. I love the smell and the glowy shine it gives you after taking a shower. I love how my skin feels after putting on a robe to lounge while I read my magazines. Thanks to Instyle magazine for I have found another body oil to indulge in.

Organic Body Oil is from the The Honest Company and eco-friendly industry with whom Jessica Alba is a Co-founder. The product has a blend of organic jojoba, tamanu, olive, avocado, and sunflower oils that promises to nourish and moisturize adult and infant skin sans irritation. It is a well-priced daily moisturizer for all skin types. It is especially good for eczema-prone skin because of the sunflower oil which studies have shown can help the condition.

I tend to get scaly legs in winter, especially when I wear leggings and I have noticed organic body oil mixed with my Cetaphil lotion keeps them looking and feeling moisturized all day long.