Every fashionable chic at one point had dreamt of owning a classic Burberry khaki colored trench coat and a solid color hunter boots to wear in the rain. Heaven knows I was one of them! A good choice that will never go out of style, I must say. But so predictable! To make an unpredictable statement in the rain, you have to avoid cutesy at all cost. If you are the type that your mantra is looking different, opt for intriguing hues and high tech flourishes. For a coat, start with your primary favorite color and then go two shades lighter or darker. For instance, the featured Terra New York Raincoat is a shade of blue found somewhere between teal and Robin’s egg (where do they get all these names). The polyurethane raincoat has a utilitarian detail and looks downright futuristic. Stick to sophisticated designs (no daises, please) when choosing wellies. Pair with a clear umbrella-sometimes making no statement is the best statement.

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