I’m sure many of us have heard the phrase “less is more” yet many still have a tendency to ignore that notion. The notion that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

“Don’t get me wrong, I admire elegance and have an appreciation of the finer things in life. But to me, beauty lies in simplicity.” Mark Hyman

Every time I flip through the pages of my magazines, I’m in awe of the images used for the Chanel’s Timepieces ad campaign for its L’instant Watches. Though the ad campaign is for watches but the model(s) simply look gorgeous and elegant in less makeup and a black turtleneck. Simply simple! The images make me want to pick up the phone and schedule sessions with Dotun Photography.

Do we really need all that makeup? Occasionally, maybe.  Everyday, maybe not.  Rare indulgence, absolutely!

“Less is more! I don’t wear makeup if I don’t have to.” Jennifer Nettles.

Let’s be honest, Nigerian brides look gorgeously made up on their engagement night. I’m one that sticks with just an eye liner and mascara during the week after applying moisturizer. On weekends, if I have an event then I will apply a moisturizer and facial oil, for a flawless finish before wearing a foundation. Brows! Let’s just say I read in an Instyle magazine that your brows do not need to be perfect just close enough. I have adhered to that advice and I have to say I do not have an ounce of jealousy for those divas that step into a room with perfectly plucked and drawn brows. In my case, a concealer is a perfect tool for faking it to avoid over plucking. No need looking like a woodpecker had a good time pecking at mine. LOL!

“Simplicity makes me happy.” Alicia Keys.

Did I just scoff? I totally agree Alicia. I love and revere simplicity when it comes to makeup. I believe it reveals true beauty with infinitesimal change. Okay! I hope my quote will end up in Brainyquotes. Smiling.