If you love chokers but do not care much for the beaded colorful layered ones with brooches you have seen almost everyone wear to complement their Ankara or Guipure Lace gown or iro and buba. Well, here are some elegantly charming and trendy neck grabs you might find interesting and worthy of collecting.  As you scroll through the options just remember that “Obe to dun owo lo pa a” (a well seasoned soup sure gulps a lot of money). I’m sure the Lanvin piece could be replicated if you visit the right goldsmith. LOL!


                           Artsmith Collections by Gbenga Dada, Price upon request. artsmithcollections91@gmail.com, 0112347030144953

Paula-Mendoza-Hera-gold-plated-choker-679x481                                                                                              Paula Mendoza Hera Gold-Plated Choker


Celine Gold Chunky ID Necklace. Options Here , Here, and Here

WEdie Borgo Composition Collar

Asos Selected Femme Luise Three Section Metal Choker

WGuilia Boccafogli Diplomatic Modular Leather Choker

Lanvin Gold Panther Plaque Statement Necklace, price upon request.