Top: Erin Fetherston dress | Skirt: Aqua | Belt: Grosgrain ribbon and brooches.

For some of us, finding something to wear to an event could be a major task on its own. Not because we have no idea of what to wear but have too many options to choose from. If these options are readily available in our closets, why is it then a major task? See, that is the problem. If you are like me, these options are readily available not in our closets but on a Pinterest board labelled “My Wants”. You probably already have a top and you are just trying to find that perfect bottom to pair it with. While searching for a bottom, you come across a cute one you couldn’t pair with the top you already own. So you decided to have a second option. Why not? It’s a cute pant, right? In the process of searching for a top to match the new found bottom and a bottom to match that top you already own, you found a pretty Tibi maxi dress you know will earn you a few head turns. Now, there goes your third option.

Stop already! Just go with your first option. It might not feel like the best idea at first because the outfit is coming across as too simple or you are just not sure about the color. I guarantee you that by the time you are done accessorizing that first option, you will be glad you made that decision to go for it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with simple. From experience, I have come to understand that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

P.S. I wore my second option to a birthday party and the first option to church. Let’s just say the first option is more of a wow factor that Sunday and I shall be repeating the look to a 40th birthday party in two weeks.

2Second Option: Dress (fits beautifully) Here or Here or Here. Jadore Fashion wore this dress with a leopard print pump.


Third Option: Blouse (mine is Ivory) Here or Here | Skirt Here or Here