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August 2015

Strictly Chic

My Style

Hi Lovelies! Here I am yielding to popular demand to have a page that features my eclectic (as a friend and mentor described) sense of style. I’m just an ordinary girl with a simple style. Dress: Ankara with a chiffon…

Glam up Your T-Shirts


The most favorite must have in my wardrobe are T-shirts.  T-shirts have been worn throughout history by servicemen, early farmers, and actors.  Today, the amazingly resilient and ubiquitous wardrobe staple is an extremely functional piece of clothing and very versatile. …

Calgon Ageless Bath Mineral Scrub and Soak


Calgon Ageless Bath Mineral Scrub and Soak is an exfoliating product developed for smoother skin.  The unique formula with exclusive Vita-Pearl technology with Pearl Powder (yes, freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls below jewelry grade), Vitamin E and collagen exfoliates dry,…