Calgon Ageless Bath Mineral Scrub and Soak is an exfoliating product developed for smoother skin.  The unique formula with exclusive Vita-Pearl technology with Pearl Powder (yes, freshwater pearls or saltwater pearls below jewelry grade), Vitamin E and collagen exfoliates dry, dead skin cells and relaxes the body as you soak.

This drugstore product is superb!  Trust me!  I am not sure if it scrubs away signs of aging because I have not been paying attention to that part of its benefits.  But I can attest to its luxurious softness feel in the shower and after.  Maybe it’s the Pearl Powder used as one of the ingredients.  Who knows?

After buying a few ineffective products from Nordstrom, I decided I would refocus my attention on drug store products.  Well, it depends on what is.  Do not ask me to try a lip gloss from a drug store.  Based on experience, they do absolutely nothing good for my lips but chap them up.  Anyway, we will leave lip gloss matter for another post.  As far as I’m concerned, if a drug store product receives five stars in a magazine and it’s not Noxema pads or Swiss Formula Facial Scrub, then it’s worth trying. I wanted a body scrub and saw this on the counter at Walmart.  Boy, am I glad I bought it.  Not only does it smell nice, it exfoliates and softens my skin WITHOUT leaving an oily residue on the skin or in the tub.  I do not have to worry about my husband falling while taking his shower.  This scrub is so effective and low cost.  The best part for me is the rinse.  The scrub washes off clean; it feels as if the product melts away under the water.  Applying lotion to the skin is another experience on its own because it goes on smoothly and absorbs into the skin.  THIS PRODUCT IS THAT GOOD! Well, for me.

The only improvement necessary is with the packaging since it is hard to reach the bottom of the container.  Someone complained about the packaging and threatened she wouldn’t buy another one until she sees an improvement.  My friend, get a spoon.  If the product does the body that good (which she testifies to) create your own solution.  Common! This product is so good that I reached the bottom without cutting my hands.

Based on reviews, some people use this product on their faces.  It has helped them reduce fine line wrinkles and plums the skin.  Well, I want Rita Dominic’s flawless skin so I shall try this effective product on my face too.  Not oily, thereby doable.  If I see one pimple peren.

Try the product and share your experience.