A Gingham dress had been one of my objects of desire since spring. Finding an inexpensive one that I really like had proven to be nearly impossible.  Yesterday, as I was about to step out of Macy’s after shopping for a wedding gift for a friend, my eyes caught this beautiful sheer Maison Jules sleeveless crewneck gingham dress in Grey combo.  I checked for the size; it was a medium.  I needed a smaller size so I proceeded to search the racks.  Then I found another one in baby pink combo; it was a medium as well. There were only those two left in medium size at the store. Because I had fallen in love with the dress at first sight, I decided right there that I would buy both dresses, if affordable. If I’m unable to fit in them, I would give them away rather than return them to the store. To me, they were just that beautiful and would make nice gifts. The price on the tags seemed a bit pricey so I decided to use the price check system to see if the dresses were on sale. Behold, they were! For twenty something dollars! It was unbelievable so I went to the cashier for another price check. The cashier not only confirmed the sales price, she also decided to give me an additional 10% off.

Let’s just say it was a blessed day for me. I ended up buying these beautiful trendy dresses for just $17 each. What a bargain! Trust that I left the store happy. By the way, they fit. The dress is cut small.  Visit your local Macy’s for the dress.  Here are other cute options