When I packed my bag to visit my sister in Alpharetta, GA to pick up the kids who had been visiting their cousins for the summer, all I took with me was my eye liner and mascara.  I was only going to spend one night so I figured I would pack less items and use my sister’s facial products.  After driving all night for 10 hours, my husband and I finally arrived at my sister’s house.  I slept for couple of hours.  When I was ready to take a shower, I asked my sister for a facial wash and she handed me her 40 Carrots Cleanser bottle.  I did not bother to ask her about the cleanser because I trusted her judgement.  She is a bit of an expert when it comes to facial products.  The first thing I noticed was the smell – Orange Sorbet.  I love anything that smells fruity!  It was gentle on the face and creamy.  It left my oily face feeling clean, not greasy, and soft after washing it off.  A week after use, two people complimented me on how tight and youthful my skin looked.  I even noticed the difference.

This product is described to be paraben-free, purify the skin, and stimulate cellular vitality.  It contains glycol acids to de-age the skin, creamy milk proteins to leave the skin silky fresh and clean, and retinol to improve the health and appearance of the skin, probably not as generously added as an ingredient as the label claims.  But in my humble opinion and based on my current skin situation, I believe it has enough retinol to make the skin firmer and improve skin texture.  I heard it helps reduce and eliminate acne too, the job of a retinol.

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