If you are fashion savvy and addicted to Candy Crush Saga, here is a fresh shade to get your sugar fix.

Baby Blue

The Palette:

Baby Blue



Why it Works: This soothing hue delivers immediate optimism. Color block an edgy skirt with a warm sienna blouse.  Add neutral shoes and/or luxe robe coat to impart a sense of calm and look polished.


Sleeveless Jacket | Shirt, Option 1, Option 2 , Option 3 ❤ | Skirt, Option 1 | Shoes, Option 1, Option 2

 The Palette:

Baby Blue



Why it Works: Mix this airy color into a large-scale-plaid or print dress.  Let a shirt collar peek out.  Add spiked earrings to keep the look current and deepen the palette with a navy feet candy.


Blouse, Option1, Option 2 | Dress, Option 1, Option 2 Shoes, Option 2, Option 3❤ | Bag | Cuff, Option 1, Option 2| Bracelet, Option 1| Earrings

The Palette

Baby Blue

Emerald Green

Why it Works: Emerald green is just a wild pairing.

D2Wax print fabric | Shoes, Option 1, Option 2 | Earrings, Option 1, Option 2 | Bracelet, Option 1, option 2

Inspired by Instyle Magazine