Oh how I loved and wanted that loop belt that walked the floor of Dior Spring 2015 Ready-to-Wear Collection. Of course, I will need a whopping $480 to be able to get one. $480! On a piece of belt! I’m not sure about that but not a bad idea to own one if I have the money. I was so elated when I saw an imitation of the Diornot belt in the display window of WhiteHouseBlackMarket store located at Montgomery mall. I paused for a minute, took a long look at the belt and dashed into the store. I really wanted it. I didn’t even care if the belt is plastic. It might not be a Dior belt but it will perform the same duty of cinching my waist and also provide the same fashionable statement. When I got to the counter, I began to have second thoughts. I thought, “do I really want this non-leather belt because it feels too light” Boy was I surprised when the lady at the counter told me, “This is real leather.”

Dior Belt | Whitehouseblackmarket Belt