Though designers presented their Fall 2015 Ready-to-Wear (RTW) collections way back in February and March, I just got a chance to check out the runway shows in details to find out what the fashion gods are saying for this fall which begins on September 23.  My blogging working hours had been gruesome to say the least.  It took me almost two weeks to analyze at least 70 designers presentations.  I wish I could check out all the RTWs presented but common, have you seen the list?

Anyway the fashion rule of thumb for calling a trend is that when you see three, you call it.  I agree but why call a pantsuit a trend just because a few designers sent a ‘grey’ suit down the runway?   So I will like to use this opportunity to disagree with you Elle Mag on this call.  It’s like saying a regular pair of black socks is trending.

Moving forward, below are SMC’s Fall 2015 Fashion Trends I will suggest we should have fun trying together.

1. Modern Victorian – 18th century + modern = high collar, ruffles and lace in bright colors, leather details and sexy silhouettes

2. Sparkle – License from the runway to shine on this Fall.

3. The Floor-Duster Coat – Extra length to keep me warm is a fabulous idea. It reminds me of a shearling coat owned by my sister in early 20s. It was lined with fur and kept us warm.

4. Upholstery Inspired – Usually incorporated into chic living room designs, with fabrics such as damasks and brocades this look is trending and definitely wearable.  Erdem and Stella McCartney designs are so beautiful, it makes me want to convert my Moroccan rug into a dress.

5. Velvet – I’m always excited about velvet! It always reminds me of a beautiful midnight blue maxi halter neck dress I owned in the 90s. My sister wore it to her prom and looked so fabulous wearing it.