Honestly, I can’t even come up with a sentence let alone a paragraph to express what I feel about Marc Jacobs Collection.  Though not one of my most favored designers, Marc Jacobs is one of the designers I had the pleasure of researching while gathering information for the 2015 Fall trend.  The name did not even cross my mind until the last-minute.  I was checking for Marni and boom, there it was – Marc Jacobs.  Boy am I glad I checked it out.  It was a fashion romance experience for me!  The opening outfit, a brown and black checked sheath with four wide bands of bugle beads below the waist worn by Erin O’Connor’s is conservatively sexy.  It’s so me!  The positioning of the first band of bugle beads gave the model an amazingly beautiful and classy look.  The fourth outfit sent down the runway had a thin extra long belt that is probably one-inch away from the floor. I have seen this belt before.  Not as long as the designers but similar.  I immediately took a trip down memory lane by remembering the belt I designed to match the brown and not-so-white gingham house-wear I wore while I was in secondary school.  Tulle and grosgrain ribbons were used in the collection.  Four of my most favorite things to wear (drop waist, thin long belt, tulle and grosgrain ribbon) were all in just one collection and I still had 51 more outfits to go through.  Let’s just say the collection kept building and building, so was my interest.

The presentation featured outfits made with metallic brocades, leopard print, grommet leather, fur, sequences, e.t.c.  The sequence dresses were exquisite.  Such a delight to watch as they glimmer down the runway.  The only presentation I do not morally support is #6.  Throw a slip under the tulle piece and it’s a winner.

The clothes were rich, classy, breathtaking, girly, beautiful, sparkly, glamorous, sexy, and captivating.  These were the adjectives that ran through my mind as I view the collection one outfit at a time.

Bravo Marc Jacobs. Welcome back.

I love all 56 clothes presented but below are the ones I love the most.

Pic Credit:Gianni Pucci / Indigitalimages.com