Note: This post was supposed to come out on Friday after the Fall color post. As you all might have noticed, the color post came out today. It really was not easy putting that together. I had to go through hundreds of pictures to pick the ones that I love and really represent the colors. It took me 3 days to finish that piece. So please pardon me and pretend like this came out on Friday. I hope that is not too much to ask.

Happy Friday! I am so happy to be home today. A workaholic girl like me needs a break sometimes.

This time two years ago, I was supposed to begin my maternity leave but I was a bit unsure if I could entrust my coworkers with my workload.  My most trusted partner at work and in crime was also pregnant so I felt like I had no one.  My boss didn’t make things easier either.  She had enjoyed my services so much that she found it difficult to work with someone else.  Finally I ignored all the voices and began my leave one week before the due date.  So I thought!  The baby arrived on the Wednesday of that week.  The rest of my seven weeks were spent working between four and eight hours everyday from home.  The life of a workaholic.  Thank God we now have a team of people who are willing to do their job.

To the OOTD or should I say week.  LOL! I wish I can blog outfits everyday but that is totally impossible for now; maybe later in the future.  I love gingham!  I believe my love for gingham stemmed from my time spent at boarding school in Nigeria.  We had to wear gingham 24/7 except on Sunday mornings for chapel time and games days (sports).  I love this Maison Jules dress (blogged about it here).  For a pinch of Pantone’s Fall color, I added a Marsala ribbon as a belt.

Maison Jules Dress (sold out) (Other options here)
Joan and David Heels