All of us at one point had asked the question of whether certain colors go together?  Well here is a perfect answer if you are still wondering.

“There’s really no such thing as colors that can’t work together.  It’s all about placement, keeping a tight palette and using neutrals to keep the wilder things balanced.”

Be willing to take a fashion risk and step out of your comfort zone.  Whenever you get a chance, search the internet for documented pictures of Street Styles and I bet you will be less critical of your fashion sense.  As far as I’m concerned, if I love my look I could care less what anyone else thinks about it.  My effort, your opinion!

Give prints a playful chance by pairing print with print.  As long as the main color in your top is represented in your bottom or vice versa you have it right.  If you look in the mirror and your color combination seems to make sense, you have it right.  If your colors are loud, ground them with neutral accessories and shoes to eliminate competition and keep things muted.

Have a lovely and blessed Sunday!