To spice up your fall outfits make your waist the center of attention.  For an effortless look, cinch with elegance and sophistication by emulating the following runway looks.

Over Coats

If your dry cleaner misplaced the belt to your oversize coat, here are options to consider. Last fall, when my cleaner lost my size 10 sage coat belt, I bought a black lace trim and grosgrain ribbon from a fabric store to tie around the waist. They were both wide and long enough to loop around the waist twice and also tie a bow in front or on the side of the coat. That was a creative cost effective method!

Over Blazers or Jackets

Wrap your jacket or blazer with a leather thin leather belt for an effortless cool.  Blazer can be fitted like Michael Kor’s version or jacket can be a bit oversize like Chloe’s. The knotted Donna Karan and Chloe is so Olivia Palermo.

Over Vests

Leonard Paris Collection version can be easily made with a fabric.  For my Nigerian readers, you can finally have a use for that aso oke (a traditional Yoruba fabric worn in Nigeria) fabric by making this belt out of it. A felt fabric will also work.  Alexander Vauthier’s look can be easily copied by buying these belts: WhiteHouseBlackMarket and Calyso St. Barth. I love the ethereal look of Marni. I was hoping BCBG will have this version but I found similar one at Asos.

Over Knits

I adore the Michael Kors’ version. Please let me know if you are able to find a similar version. It has to be that long. LOL!