It’s been a good two weeks since I posted last.  My mind was totally on blogging every minute, hour, and everyday but daily life happenings wouldn’t let me.  I’m glad to be posting today and hopefully I will be more consistent.  Hopefully! Moreover, I had a dream last night and someone was complaining about my blog so here I am.  LMBO!

Have I ever mentioned I have to stay awake all night sometimes to work on my blog?  I know it looks pretty easy.  Trust me, it isn’t.  For someone like me, it could take me a whole day or two to find the perfect item(s) to build a fashion set because I have to consider the price of an item to use.  Let’s be honest! The cutest things out there are usually pricey but some of my readers have asked if I could find alternatives that are affordable.  For those readers, affordable basically means anything below $50.  In order to satisfy their needs, to me affordable means below $50 + good quality + cute.  Shopping online for these could be challenging at times because I’m unsure if what I’m recommending meets those requirements.  So to make sure those requirements are met, I have to search and search and search before I can find that one item because I’m not going to ask you to buy something I wouldn’t buy myself.

Finding the right color is most challenging.  In September, I blogged about Citron.  It took me a couple of days to even pull that post off.  On the web, limited items where available in that color for recommendation.  Where was Banana Republic when I needed an item? Just an item.  Now for Fall, they have this gorgeous coat, shoes, sweater, and Beanie in that color I have my eyes on.

A lot of effort is put into informing you about fashion on this blog and I hope you enjoy your visit each time you come.  To make sure your needs are met, your suggestions are always welcome.

Thanks for your visit and have a lovely day!!!

Wayf Tie Neck Blouse (Shopburu, JCPenny, Express, Zara)

Gap Crew Neck Sweater (Ann Taylor, J Crew)

J Crew Pant (New York & Company, Avenue 23)

Envelope Clutch (Gifted)