The classic French Manicure has produced spinoffs like the french pedicure, the colored or funky/designed pedicure or manicure and the reverse french manicure. Can we add Carefree Edges French to the list of spinoffs?

A typical manicure is clean and precise which means people usually expect perfectly tipped nails for French Manicures. If your polish skills are sort of shaky and “looking different” is your mantra, no worries. This look is right there up your alley.  It is more carefree at the edges so you don’t need to waste time agonizing over each brushstroke.  Who says your tips have to be perfect anyway?  A less-than-perfect unexpected finish puts a trendy twist on this very last decade style.

This look featured in Fall 2014 Instyle Magazine but I’m just got around to trying the ides on my fingers.  My trial option was supposed to be the Maybelline No Show Glided Rose and Born With It option.  But I decided to go with one of this Fall’s color and it worked out.  Though a bit skeptical at first but I really like the unexpected finish once completed.  I enjoy people asking if I painted my nails by myself.  The answer is: NOPE.

There are countless flattering options when it comes to coupling up.  Here are a few to explore.

French Nouveau

1. BaseLechat Perfect Match Gel Polish in Crown Royal; Tip – O.P.I. Ledauv Cured Gel Polish

2. Base – Pixi by Petra Nail Colour in Imperial Blue; TipZoya Nail Lacquer in Nori

3. Base Lvx Nail lacquer in Citrine; Tip – Zoya Nail Lacquer in India

French Nouveau
3. BaseSmith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Feathers & Flesh; Tip – Revlon Fiery Temptress Collection in Untamed (in stores)