Omotola Jalade Ekehinde, a Nigerian actress liked my Facebook page. I am so elated. So unexpected. Truth be told, I was surprised but her gesture was encouraging. I light up every time someone likes my page because it shows I am doing something right.

I’m always grateful whenever someone does something nice for me. It does not matter how little, I stay FOREVER grateful. In college, there was this lady (Funmi) everyone thought was a bit stuck-up. She wouldn’t talk to you or acknowledge your greetings. One day, during the payphone era, I needed a quarter to call my dad to pick me up but there was no one to ask and every store had closed for me to be able to change a dollar. Here comes Funmi minutes later. I debated with myself whether to ask her for a quarter until she walked past me. I muttered an “Hello” but there was no response. In her defense, let’s just conclude I was probably not loud enough anyway.

All of a sudden, Funmi turned around and began to walk towards me again. She looked like she had forgot something and was in a hurry to retrieve it. Menh, there is no way I’m letting this lady walk past me the second time. “You need this quarter Sade.” I told myself. Before she walked past me, I gathered enough courage to say another “hello” and I made sure I was loud this time around. She smiled and said “Hi”.
“Please do you have a quarter? I proceeded.
She reached into her purse and handed me a shinny coin.
“Let me give you another one should in case. You can’t trust these phones.”
“Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.” Now I’m shocked. I got more than one quarter and more than a word out of Ms. Stuck-up. The ride home was more of a reflection moment for me. I swore I would try to always see the positive in people rather than negative. I felt bad for my negative perception of who I thought Funmi was and began to tell my crew about how she saved me from sleeping in school. Though no one cared to share my feelings.

Fast forward years later, a friend of mine began working with Funmi and she too began to complain about her. I remember the quarter incident and convinced my friend not to judge a book by it’s cover. I later found out she was just a quiet person. Very pretty lady.

Funmi is probably one or two years older than me…a mere assumption based on the fact that her younger sister is a year younger than me. One thing I have noticed is that the girls around that era that hung out with Funmi usually walked around with a seniority shoulder pad sewn into their clothing. I almost slapped Foluke, one of those type of girls when she told me “who is your mate” when I called her by her name. Mind you, we had been riding in my best friend’s car to school for months and had become close friends (so I thought) until one day she heard me call my cousin, her class mate ‘aunty Bunmi’. Aunty Bunmi is two years older than me. Come and see drama in front of the administrative hall. My best friend thought it was funny because Foluke had no clue what I was capable of. I ain’t no wimp. LOL! Thank God the police intervened. Just so you know, her sister who is friends with our third born calls me by my name and it never crossed my mind onse. Who cares???? Aunty Pangolo. LMBO!


Dress by H&M (Net-A-Porter, Yoox, John Lewis)
Coat by H&M (Chicwich, Lord & Taylor, French Connection)
Shirt by Banana Republic (Matches Fashion, Macy’s, 6pm)
Heels by Saks Fifth Avenue