Happy Saturday!!!

When I was younger, I had a lot of friends, knew a lot of people, attended many parties and even threw some fabulous parties while my parents traveled. Those were some fun, fun days so I automatically thought I was going to be a socialite. Those days I enjoyed having people around so in my mind, my dining table would be built to hold up to 20 guests for my future fancy dinners, a 10-seater in-house movie theater for my girlfriends and I to hang out, barbeques whenever I please, family birthday parties every year, attending functions here and there (shebi I have loads of friends ), e.t.c. I remember I used to dream a lot about hanging out at clubs with P.Diddy, Paul Walker, Usher, and so on. LOL!  Paul Walker, too bad he is no longer with us. He was such a cutie.

Then I got married with kids. Friends disappeared (let’s just say, life happens). 6 dining chairs instead of 20. No birthday parties. Attending functions became a burden sometimes. I work Monday through Friday and only have Saturdays to relax and spend time with my family.  Rather than throwing dinner parties for 20 people or sitting in a 10-seat in-house theater, I now prefer preparing dinner and walking in the mall with my family or watching a family movie together. I most enjoy our Sunday evenings which we spend reading together or playing a game of monopoly which Jordan, second-born enjoys. Our funniest moments are when we play Just Dance together on Jordan’s (he wants his name here, lol) Wii U. Crystal, first-born wins all the time despite the fact that she hardly moves her body. I’m always the one with the least score and I wonder how possible is it for Jonathan, my husband to come second. Have you seen him dance? LMBO! I can understand Jordan coming in third since he is only 6 years old.

When you get older and have a family priorities change. But I can say this though, I would not exchange my life now with my family for anything in this world.

I have to go, Alex, the baby does not want me behind the computer any longer.   but wants to watch Mickey Mouse with mommy.

So, if you are going out with your family this weekend, here is a free styling idea.

Instant Style - The Weekend Girl