Knit dresses usually don’t get my attention.  Definitely not a second glance from me. It does not matter who made it or with which of the finest wool it got made from, I just don’t fancy them. I honestly can’t give a reason based on experience because I am yet to wear one.  My preconception of a knit dress probably developed from the common issues I had noticed with knitted products.  Issues such as sweater pillings (unsightly little balls of fuzz) or static which occurs when hosiery is worn underneath an unlined knit dress. Can you imagine wearing a dress, a midi dress full of sweater pillings? Unpleasant!

Though I don’t care much for knit dresses, I might just have found the one that will make me a believer.  The Extrafine Karen Millen Cable Knit Dress. “Why this dress?” you may ask? It’s extrafine merino and lined with jersey. Moreover, it looks really good on the model, therefore, I’m sold!

I love merino wool especially the Extrafine ones. Majority of my sweaters are made from this fabric and the common issues I mentioned earlier are no issues at all.  Merino wool, the finest grades of wool is derived from the merino sheep. It is very soft and comfortable against the skin. The quality of an Extrafine merino wool clothing is so glaring. At least to me!

This Karen Millen dress has great reviews. It comes in two colors: black and camel. The luxe stretch cable knit dress is lined with a jersey under-slip which allows for a great fit.  This is the first time I’m seeing a jersey lined sweater dress.  Knit dress linings are usually made of rayon/nylon.

Here is a fashion set I created in Polyvore with the Ugg Bailey Bow boots and the Karen Millen dress. Now this is how I love to chill in the house on a Saturday while sipping on my Caramel Macchiato coffee, reading my magazines and blogging.


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