Where is the snow? The prediction was: It will begin snowing around 12pm today. It is almost 3pm and we are yet to see the snow. It would have been nice if it snowed during the week so I have a valid reason to work from home outside my usual Fridays.  But since it decided to come down on a weekend, I will manage it. LOL!

I love graphic tees especially the ones that really represents me. Read my post about ‘Coffee and Mascara’ here. The phrase on this tee was coined after the ‘Bye Felicia!’ line which I am sure by now we all know came from the movie ‘Friday’ 20 years ago but never paid attention to it. It was not relevant back then but today, it is the Perfect Dismissal if you no longer want to engage with that someone. Now, that someone is relative. I am a tiny bit ashamed to say I have used that phrase one, two, three, okay more than a few times. People have a way of getting on your nerves anyway and ‘Bye Felicia’ helps calm the nerves. There are many Felicias walking among us.

Confession: I do not say it loud enough so to avoid someone popping me in the mouth. If it was not for Nene from Real Housewives of Atlanta, I would not have known I could tell some Felicias to take a walk. LMBO!

Let’s be honest! Felicia is always going somewhere anyway and I go nowhere. It will be nice to be Felicia for this weekend so I could go somewhere warm and not deal with the snow.

Thug Life has a ‘Boo Felicia’ shirt. It has got to be heart breaking being Felicia.

It’s now snowing! Yeah! Where is my coffee?

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are not bored yet.


Thug Life Graphic Tee
7 for All Mankind Jeans
Aldo Ring
Micheal Kors Wedge Sneakers