Just like every other bloggers out there, I struggled with a title for this look. Normally I would have titled the post Chunky Cardigan + Polka Dot Dress which seems pretty easy, right? Why complicate things? Or maybe I’m feeling a bit inspired by Margaret Zhang of Shine by Three. I love this look so much that I had to go on a title hunt. This look represents my sense of style – simple but sassy. Modern Muse! A modern muse has profound love for all things fashion. She is independent in her own sense of self and style. Like a boss! Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo comes to mind. Victoria Beckham had been my muse for many years. I did not care much for her as a Spice Girl. As a matter of fact, I had no idea who she was then. I knew the group and had heard their song ‘Wannabe’ but I never paid attention to the members except for Mel B. Sorry!. But I know Victoria the fashion icon. Her sense of style inspires me greatly. I have tremendous respect for her as a designer and adore her as a fashionista.

When I first saw this dress at my local Target I knew I had to have it. The dress had two things I love in one: polka dots and a high and low hemline. The dress looked so well made for a target product. The fabric, tailoring and design gave it an high-end look. I immediately had it taken of the mannequin (happens a lot). I have a similar dress from Banana Republic but this target version is my favorite.

I love this belted green chunky cardigan over a polka dot look. It looks like a cross-between Victoria Beckham and Olivia Palermo. But I will give it to Victoria. I think it’s so Victoria! Victoria Beckham, my modern muse. A modern woman with an effortless style.

Mossimo Dress (local Target)
Banana Republic Cardigan
Marc Jacobs Shoes
Gap Belt

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