Lancome’s ‘Le Stylo Waterproof Long Lasting Eyeliner is the best liner I have used so far.  It does exactly what Lancome promises it would do.

“Formulated for an intense eye look to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather.” (Lancome)

Tears are known to keep your eyes lubricated and wash foreign objects and dust away.  Sounds like a good thing, right? When you produce too many tears and develop watery eyes, then it becomes a problem.  I have watery eyes and I am always trying to keep them dry. Who wants to walk around with tears falling down their cheeks when you really have nothing to cry about? Weird!  I have had this problem for many years so wiping my eyes is now a habit.  I have found myself wiping them sometimes when I had no reason to. I even use the inside of my sleeves especially that of dark color clothing to wipe my eyes if I don’t have a tissue handy.  One item you will always find in my bag is a case full of Q-tips. I carry this around and its sole purpose is to keep my eyes dry.

I do not wear a lot of makeup but lining my eyes is a ritual. People normally use eyeliner to define their eyes or create the look of a wider or smaller eyes. I use eyeliner to draw attention to my brown eyes. It does not matter if I’m going to Wal-Mart or stopping by at my children’s school to drop of their lunch, my waterline has to be lined before stepping out of the house.  Due to the watery eye issue I have, my eyes can only stay lined for a moment. That moment could be less that one hour because in an attempt to keep my eyes dry, I unknowingly wipe off my eyeliner. After 8 hours of work and several eyes wiping attempt, I always either end up with smudged eyes or an eye that looks like it was never lined.

A solution to my problem would be a waterproof liner. I have tried a lot and had not been able to find the ‘Perfect One’. That one eyeliner made to stay on no matter the weather.

I found an ad about Lancome’s ‘Le Stylo Waterproof’ Eyeliner while reading one of my magazines. It was the Minuit color, the blue one. I have a love affair with blue liner so I wanted one just for that reason. I was not expecting any perks from the liner, but once I got it and used it, I had to get another one in black.

Trust me, this liner is really ‘WATERPROOF’ when dry. It does not skip, smudge, or streak despite its creamy texture. It is easy to apply and gives a more natural look than liquid eyeliner. Easily comes off with an eye makeup remover. Even though I have my watery eyes problem and constantly wipe them, it still stays on for 8 hours and more without a touch up.  It’s the best! This has been my everyday eye make because it does last all day as it promises. Another feature it has that I really like is that it never needs sharpening because of its unique twist tip.