Madewell designer Alexa Chung, one of the world’s style icon is the reason why I pay attention to Madewell. She is very influential in the fashion industry. She sits front row at fashion shows, collaborates with beauty firms, magazine editors, advertising agencies, e.t.c. and even had a Mulberry bag created in her name. What is there not to admire about her style? Alexa has a laid back take on fashion which I admire a lot and this reason makes me check out the Madewell store at Montgomery mall whenever I’m there.

When I saw this dress at Nordstrom, I liked it at first glance but had a little doubt about purchasing it. It was the only one left on the rack and that made me more than eager to comply with my urge to get it. It is such a pretty dress little dress.  So cute with the gold dots and the side cutouts. The fishnet makes me look so girly. I really like this dress. It’s so sexy!!!

Madewell Dress

Banana Republic Sweater

Nordstrom Fishnet Tight