It’s finally happening! My stars are beginning to align. When God presents you with a strategic plan for your goal and says it is time to get up and move and you are also ready to boldly take a step, then NOTHING can stop your train from moving. Absolutely NOTHING! The excitement of what God is doing with you will propel you for sure. #Godwinsallthetime.

Hardwork pays! The people you expect to notice how hard you toil for the company you work for are usually the ones to not pay attention. The least expected is the one to notice your dedication and grant you the opportunity you have been longing for.  Also, if you work hard for someone else, there is a good chance you will succeed working hard to accomplish your own goal.

One step at a time and you are guaranteed to reach your destination if you do not give up. The trick is to continuously take a step without quitting; no matter the obstacle staring you in the face. Overcome the obstacle and keep on moving towards your goal. It’s just a minor glitch to slow you down.

Anyway (deep sigh) I’m just glad it’s now Friday and I feel great and blessed. I am so looking forward to hanging out at IHOP tomorrow. I want me some Strawberry and Cream Crepe and Swedish Crepe.  If you feel like IHOPing on Saturday, send me a message. It’s going to be a So Modishly Chic date!

I’m a black on black girl. I began introducing bright colors to my wardrobe a little over two years ago. I believe the cutest outfits are in black especially dresses. Check this out. Or maybe the reason is because at a point in my life, I actually thought about adopting the Gothic Fashion. LMBO! I sure did! It was good I didn’t even try but only thought about it because my mom would have screamed Blood of Jesus at the sight of seeing me in my 36-inches black weave, black lips, black clothes, black torn fishnets, dark eyeliner and dark fingernail polish. I would have been labeled the confused Nigerian kid or a witch. Parents would have warned their kids not to hangout with me or bring me over to their house. No doubt about it! Ordinary bodycon jumpsuit or Da Brat colorful braids almost got my name erased from the family tree back in da days.  Younger years! Fun times!

Did you notice that Banana Republic Sweater? My one item I seem to not be able to do without. It feels really good. It’s thick enough to keep me warm and cozy. I love the length. I heart the vent! I’m a vest kinda girl so I couldn’t resist the urge to wear one on the sweater.  A little gold for pizzazz. I love converses and can unapologetically wear them with a ball gown. I am an all American girl living in a winter wonderland. Gotta keep warm in my black on black.

Have a blessed weekend!

Banana Republic Turtleneck

Banana Republic Vest

BCBG Max Azria Wool Coat

Love Moschino Jeans

Alexis Bittar Necklace

Thanks for visiting!

Sade Lewis