On becoming a better me, today, I’m feeling BLUE.

No! I’m not sad. Neither am I depressed.

Why should I?

Remember I just told you I’m on the path of becoming a better me.

It’s quite normal to feel down from time to time,

Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad.

We are human, right?

Today, I feel normal, optimistic, accepting, calm, peaceful, pleasant and driven.

Today, I’m one more step towards achieving a goal.

Today, I realize I’m still on the path of becoming a better me.

Today, my mood ring says I’m in a BLUE mood.

Banana Republic Sweater

Wayf Blouse (Macy’s, Asos, Shein)

Bebe Skirt (Charlotte Russe, Lulus, SearsMilly,

French Connection OTK Boot