When I got to work this morning, I told myself that I wouldn’t work too hard. My working too hard entails sitting at my desk for complete eight or ten hours and only taking bathroom breaks which even takes me forever to get up from my chair.  It’s as if my work never ends! I get home and I continue till 12am, 3am sometimes. Gosh! Just imagine working under the following conditions: short staffed and people that lacks good work ethics.  Thank God that is about to change because I cannot take it any more. Few days ago, I asked myself if na me only waka come government. Kilode! LMBO! Now I’m beginning to feel the effect of sitting glued to my chair for such long hours on my back.  I told my neighbor I will have to join her at the gym to workout.  My kinda work out means walking on the treadmill while I read a magazine. I’ve done it before and I enjoyed it. It gave me a chance to catch up  on my reading.

Ever since I joined my agency, I had been whispering to myself for almost six years now to slow down and not over work myself.  But my whispers seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Yesterday, thirty minutes into an eight hours shift, I was almost at the point of tears because I was so overwhelmed and felt like I needed a break.  Thank God a beautiful friend I adore so much, Yueqin stopped by and she brightened my day with her beautiful smile and soul. That little conversation with her helped.

This morning, I stopped at McDonald’s and bought Egg McMuffin and a Cup of Coffee. When I got to work, I whispered to myself to not work too hard but work smart (I have heard this more than a thousand times already). Take it one task at a time.  Not twenty at a time. When it’s 4:30pm, shut it down and go home. I guess I finally listened to myself because I feel so good, no-stress and I was able to meet crucial deadlines. I just need to work on taking lunches, I forgot to do that like always.  The rest I am leaving for tomorrow which I’m predicting will be another stress-free day. I have training all day tomorrow. Yipee!!! The rant of a Workaholic!

To the Outfit of the Day: This scalloped silk blouse is super cute and very versatile.  You can dress it up with a ball skirt. Layered on cold days like I did for a work look or church (I wore this to church). On top of a skinny or boyfriend jeans. Under a leather jacket for an edgy look.

Banana Republic Blouse

Gap Pullover (Banana Republic)

Astr Textured Skirt-sold out