Few years ago, a couple of friends and I had a discussion about the types of pantyhose that are deemed work appropriate. I believe I had on a fishnet on that fateful day. One argued that anything other than a sheer pantyhose or opaque tight should not be worn to work at all and the other argued that it depends on where you work – law firm, for instance.

As for me, I love wearing pantyhose or tights especially the non-regular ones. Regular are the plain no fun ones. LOL! Whether patterned, lacy, polka dots, geometric, fishnet, e.t.c, I love them all and I will wear them anywhere.

Pairing these types of pantyhose with classic and chic pieces calms the sexiness of the pantyhose or tight.

For a work appropriate look, pair a non-opaque patterned, fishnet, lacy or polka dot tight with a neutral midi skirt or dress. Wear a tall boot if the skirt or dress is above your knee. If patterned but opaque, you can wear this as you please.

Minis are not allowed at work, please. Except if you work for Elle, Bazaar, Vogue, Instyle, to name a few. So a mini dress and a fishnet is a no no for work. Think Pretty Woman! Imagine that!

Confidence is the key here.

In accounting, netting means to allow a positive and a negative value to set off.

In this look, I created a netting result by choosing a plain white T-shirt and a black midi skirt (positive) to wear with the fishnet tight (negative). To keep warm, I wore a chunky print cardigan. The look is casually sexy. Not trashy at all.

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