Can anyone explain to me what the heck is going on with this year’s Springtime? For the Northern Hemisphere, everyone knows Spring months are March, April and May. Right now, I am beginning to feel like I have been waking up in the Southern Hemisphere where Spring actually beings in August. I am so layered-up today in a black light turtleneck sweater and flared navy dress paired with a grey chunky cap-sleeve sweater that folds around the neck and shoulder. I almost dressed my legs in a pair of stockings but I had to remind myself of what season it really is.  Why opt for a springtime color clothing items anyway? After all, it feels like Winter.  Temperature is supposed to transition from winter cold to summer heat. I am so sure we all know the temperature had been a roller coaster between winter cold and winter cold. Nonsense!

Moving on! Have you been paying attention to the jewelry section of the department stores or fashion houses this season? Have you noticed the flower, feather, leaf and bug jewelry trend? What better way to reaffirm the fact that it is Springtime and Summer is fast approaching. The bugs have come out as brooches, flowers have bloomed as earrings, leaves have sprung as necklaces and the birds have come to nest.

Below are a few options to consider as adornments. I heart the Banana Republic Bug Brooches.

The Bugs

1. J Crew Earrings; 2. Banana Republic Ring; 3. Oscar de la Renta Pin; 4. BaubleBar X Olivia Palermo Necklace; 5. BaubleBar Ring Set; 6. Banana Republic Earring; 7. Banana Republic Dragon Brooch; 8. Gerard Yosca Necklace; 9. Banana Republic Brooch; 10. BaublerBar Bracelet 

The Feathers

1.Banana Republic Necklace; 2. AHALife Necklace; 3. Banana Republic Feather Earrings; 4. Nadri Earrings; 5. Nadri Cuff; 6. Alexis Bittar Necklace; 7. Pandora Ring; 8. Melinda Maria Ring; 9. Nadri Pin; 10. Coach Necklace

The Leaves


1. Marchesa Necklace; 2 Banana Republic Necklace; 3. Chan Lau Cuff; 4. Jennifer Behr Hair Clip; 5. Oscar de la Renta Pin; 6. Aqua Necklace; 7. Banana Republic Cuff; 8. Freida Rothman Ring; 9. Edie Borgo Ring; 10. Adriana Orsini Earrings


The Florals

1 Banana Republic Necklace;  2. BaubleBar Earrings; 2. Tory Burch Necklace; 4. Pandora Ring; 5. BaubleBar Necklace; 6. Aqua Ring; 7. J Crew Necklace; 8. Aqua Earrings; 9. Kate Spade Necklace; 10. Jay Strongwater Brooch

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Sade Lewis