According to the packaging, this ultimate pure luxurious anti-aging treatment, infused with 24K gold and colloidal gold is supposed to help lift and firm the skin and impart an opulent glow.  In addition to the gold ingredients, the mask treatment also contains caffeine, peridot, hyaluronic acid, and glycerine.  The purpose of the caffeine is to help tighten and firm the appearance of the skin thereby giving you a youthful-looking complexion. Ok! The exquisite gemstone, Peridot which is rich in magnesium is expected to re-energize and help reduce the aging effects of stress. Ok! This is probably why the product cost $80. Peridot is precious. Hyaluronic acid and glycerine added to plump skin and deliver intense hydration for a more lifted appearance. Pure 24 Karat gold to impart opulence, give a radiant glow and provide anti-aging benefits and colloidal gold to lift, firm and restore the look of elasticity.

OMG! This product is packaged. Lift, lift, lift. All the ingredients are meant to lift your face and keep you glowing like a preteen.

I was first introduced to the product while reading one of my magazines and I thought…ummmh, pure gold on my face…fancy! Peridot, the precious gem too.  Oh la la! A bit pricey but I was interested in trying it.  I mean it has 24k gold in it! Of course, I went online to read reviews about the mask. Some comments were positive and some not so positive. I believe the product had more positive reviews, if I remember clearly.  Some folks mentioned how the product did nothing for them. They whined about how it left gold residue on their faces, how difficult it was to wash off, and how they woke up in the morning to find gold dust on their pillow cases, how gooey it is and so on and so forth.  Is that it? Gold residue and gooey? LOL! Abeg, make all of una park well (Excuse me, step aside).  Did you guys miss the gold and the gemstone part? I will use the mask just to have the gold glow effect even if it does nothing for my face. At least I can have my face glitter under pretense once or twice a week.  So I thought as I took my self to Sephora to buy the product! The line at the register was so long that weekend but it was not a bother.

Let’s just say this 24k packed product did absolutely nothing for my face, no glow, no gold residue after washing off, my one line wrinkle is still there, eighty dollars wasted.  Two months of using the product and I can’t even boast of a single gold speck residue left on my face. The whole thing washes off my face with ordinary water. It COMPLETELY comes off.  Nothing was lifted and I cannot even boast of experiencing the issues others have complained about.  An issue such as leaving gold speck on the face would have been nice. At least I would have gotten a chance to glow like a golden stature for a day or a night. But no I got nothing, nada, zilch! In order not to waste the product, I keep using it and I am eagerly waiting for the jar to become empty.

So what is up with all the positive reviews? They must have had tons of wrinkles on their faces and noticed a line disappeared somewhere. I have one line and it stayed there like I was born with it. Are they merely hypnotized by the lifting illusion the product promises? Or maybe I just don’t need any lifting because my skin is already beautiful, according to majority of the skincare experts I had met so far. Though I beg to differ.

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Sade Lewis