When I was planning my black tie birthday party, my initial plan was to have my female guests wear white outfits. The reason for the white option was to be able to take an all white portrait pictures with my ladies. That purpose was defeated when a few of my friends repeatedly lamented that they were having difficulty finding a fashionably appropriate white outfits within reasonable prices. To make it a bit easier, I explained to them that cocktail dresses, jumpsuits and chic separates are acceptable but nothing casual. I eventually caved in and told everyone to wear whatever they can find as long as the outfit chosen is “black tie function” worth. Though I had a vision but I was more inclined to have my guests come to the party feeling comfortable and pretty in their outfits.

Here are some white outfit options they could have considered for the party.

The Evening Gowns

Whenever an invitation is received for a black tie event, almost everyone automatically go shopping for floor length gowns because we all (maybe not all) know such event requires a formal wear.

All White Party Dresses

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The Cocktail Dresses

In this modern time, a cocktail dress is an acceptable option for a black tie event. In my opinion, a midi and not too revealing version is more appropriate. Personally, I gravitate more towards cocktail dresses instead of evening gowns because of its versatility. I can always wear them to non formal parties which means the dress will be guaranteed more wear opportunities. As for a gown, it might never come out of the closet after a one time wear before finally getting rid of it.

All White Cocktail Party Dresses
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The Jumpsuits
The jumpsuit fall in the same category as a cocktail dress. It gets more wear. Wider leg versions create an illusion of a gown.
All White Party Jumpsuit

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The Chic Separates

The pieces combined can be paired with other items in the closet.  When selecting your pieces, think silk, lace and satin fabric and full length skirts or wide leg pants. A midi skirt in a scuba fabric is also appropriate because it naturally gives a full look.

All White Separate Outfits

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When shopping for an outfit for a black tie event, think formal and your outfit of choice will fit the theme of the occasion. If men are required to wear tuxedos, it will be a fashion crime for the ladies to show up under-dressed. Accessorize as you wish but do not go overboard with the jewelry choice.

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