A very good friend of mine wrote the following on Facebook,

“When I started minding what people will say, I was a pupil of failure.
When I stopped minding what people will say, success became my pupil.

Mind Yourself!” 

-Gbenga Ashefon

A point was raised by another friend that many people are now Life Coaches courtesy of Facebook. I couldn’t agree more with this statement if you replace Life Coaches with Bible Preachers. Let’s be frank here, almost everyone at some point have become some sort of an expert on a #trending topic on Facebook.  Thanks to social media. It does not matter whether you make sense or not, you have finally found a medium to either WOW! us or make us scratch our heads while attempting to make sense of what we just read.  Someone responded to the post and here it is verbatim,

“You will ask some people what they do. They will tell you: Public Speaker, 

Motivation Speaker, Stand up comedy, Life Coach, Ministry Things. You will be

thinking inside yourself: Better go and look for a job!! Speaker ko, microphone ni. 

If these are not your source of day-to-day livelihood, you have no business claiming

it’s your job/profession.”

– Bad Bele (hater) Somebody

She even went further to add the following because she thought she was making sense.

“Other popular professions: Blogger. (as stated., Entrepreneur…You start thinking: Successful

bloggers and entrepreneurs don’t even label themselves as such. They say exactly what they are doing

which is expressed via blogging or which makes them entrepreneurs!”

This is a clear case of a situation where you scratch your head while reading.  Another clear case of someone becoming an expert on a topic they know nothing about.  Bad Bele Somebody!

This is where Gbenga’s statement applies. Block your ears to haters and do you. Do not put your life on hold and become too engulfed in worrying about what people will say. If I had paid attention to such I wouldn’t have a blog right now.  I have never been the one to care about such anyway.  You can tell people to mind their business a million times but if they are born Amebo (Gossip) they will always engage in Amebo things. What else do you expect from them? Be the driver of your own life. If you want to claim public speaking (I can’t believe she knocked this and others as a profession) as your profession do so without worry. If you want to throw a lavish wedding, do so and be happy about your decision. If you want to leave that abusive man or woman, do so to stay alive and enjoy the rest of your life and be able to raise your own children. Take your time if marriage is not your cup of tea at the moment. Bottomline, mind yourself. Do not waste your time minding those who are minding you. Their livelihood (in Bad Bele Somebody‘s case) is to mind you and your job is to mind yourself.