From dresses to pants to jackets, it is obvious denim definitely has a new look. For Fall 2016, designers have proven that denim is anything but basic blues.  I am not sure who is influencing who. Are seasoned designers such as Miu Miu influencing the upcoming ones such as Claudia Li or vice versa. In terms of creativity, I have to give it to the new school. They are visionaries. They are fierce. They take uncommon risks. They sure know how to step completely out of the box unapologetically. You have to be a risk taker to admire the art in their work.

Boy, I wish I can sew. It seems as if I have been bitten by the bug and feeling innovative at the moment. On my mind is a piece of clothing that features a combination of details on a Claudia Li bow capri and a MiuMiu cutout skirt. Perhaps a pair of pants. Are you feeling creative too?

For this Fall season, swap out your boring Levi or Seven jeans for something that is more stylish. Take a risk and I promise you will thank me later.

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