Traveling to Mexico twice in a year was not part of my travel plan for this year at all, especially with travel dates that were only a week apart.  What is a girl to do? Two of the most special people in my life had invited me to take part in their special days – a wedding and a 4oth birthday party and I gladly accepted the invitation.  That is what happens when God finally decides to give your whining self what you have asked for. It comes in double! I, dying of boredom from my staycation moments and wanting to go on a travel somewhere across the ocean. I had my mind on Paris, the City of Love but God sent me to Mexico twice within a month. I am not complaining because I had so much fun spending time with friends I had not hung out with in over a decade.

The Wedding was held at the beautiful all-inclusive Paradisus Playa del Carmen La Perla & La Esmeralda Resort.  The lush beach resort have two sections: one that accommodates an entire family and another that caters to adults only.  They both offer the same services except that one is more children friendly. Oh boy! What did I not like about this resort? Paradisus have amazing food and services. The breakfast buffet especially the personal omelets were amazing.  I wish I had enough time to sit and enjoy the breakfast like I would have loved to but when you share a room with a friend that MUST look flawless from head to toe before breakfast, then the option to go early is definitely out of the window. I am not big on eating so I did not try the gourmet menu. My afternoons were spent munching on Ceviche and fish meals and sipping on frozen mocktails at the outdoor restaurants by the pool. The highlights for me were the placement of the cabanas and the mid morning and afternoon mini bars. Cabanas were practically everywhere.  They were placed indoor and outdoor.  I swore that for every 5 or less step I took while walking indoor there were cabanas. I practically wanted to jump on them and take a nap or at least spend my afternoons on them reading my magazines.  The mini bar served the best coffee and the deserts were to die for.

Honestly, my plan was to go on this trip to sleep all day and hang out at night. Thanks to my roomie who made sure the last thing I did was to sleep. She wanted to see everywhere and experience everything so she made sure I tagged along for the fun. I slept at home more than I did on this vacation. Let’s just say I returned home more tired than I normally am.  Moreover, I was there for one of my baby sister’s wedding so I found myself working alongside my friends to get the bride and the bridal party ready. I am not complaining because I enjoyed every part of it. I really did! Though I was fashionably late to the white party and missed the wedding ceremony but I had a blast at the beautiful and entertaining reception. It was a great event! The only regret I have is not spending enough time on the beach. I was there on the first day for less than an hour and on the last day for few minutes before I left. The water was clean, clear and blue.

The 40th birthday took place at the Secret Akumal Riviera Maya Resort. This all-inclusive adult only resort is barely a year old.  It is beautiful and romantic. The rooms were new and roomy. The decor was modern, unique and relaxing.  The staff were extremely pleasant. The highlights for me were the Oceana restaurant and the Seaside Café.  The birthday girl chose nine fun and beautiful ladies to celebrate her special day with her.  My friend Taiwo and I were the first to arrive at the resort. To make up for my lack of eating on my first trip, the first thing we did was rush to the Seaside Cafe to eat before getting together with the rest of the girls for dinner.  The food was amazing! The fish fingers were finger licking good! What can I say about Oceana? Everything about that restaurant was fabulous.  We ordered nothing knowing what to expect. When the food arrives you are not sure if you are going to like it, though it looks delicious and well presented. By the time you take one bit, you find yourself eagerly waiting for the next course. I sat in my chair the whole evening feeling fantastic. I have never eaten like that before and enjoying the heavenly made dishes with my beautiful friends was such an astound experience.  What can I say about our waiter, Alejandro? He was such a great guy with impeccable customer service attributes. So courteous!!!

Unlike the first trip, we had plans to take part in two activities: zip lining and snorkeling. Some of us could not wake up that early in the morning to zip line anything. 7am! I don’t think so because I will have to wake up as early as 6am. LOL! Going on the boat ride was not a problem though we had to wake up as early as 6am. It was not a problem because it was already the third day and we all wanted to do something fun together.  The boat ride was not a joke because 7 out of 9 of us became sea sick and 8 out of 9 could not swim either. Why was I on the boat in the middle of nowhere with my cannot swim behind and without a life vest? What if something had happened to the boat when the other groups and the boat crew went snorkeling?  Ummmh! No more Yacht rides (yep, it will be a yacht next time not a fishing boat, lol!)  for this babe without a life jacket because we wore none until we were ready to jump in the shallow part of the sea. Ignorance! A flash back at the crew members having to basically carry us to the shallow part of the sea makes me giggle. We looked like little kids. Swimming classes…here I come.

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