I love numbers. The natural pull between myself and anything that is math related is unexplainable.  When I was in college, any course that lacks mathematical characteristics would not get a grade above a C from me. When I began my college journey, my major was Engineering with a minor in Accounting. Crazy, unh! I just love my numbers. The accounting choice might have been all about the dollar signs I will get to write but who knows. LOL! I say numbers. Two intense courses. I could not keep up so I eventually dropped the Accounting because of my second love – physics.  Ask my Biology teacher, he will confirm this fact about me. My dear friend Gbenga, the Oracle will probably tell you I was an all rounder olodo (not book smart) in high school anyway. LMBO! Hater syndrome.

It is amusing to see clothing pieces with architectural influences. So if you love math like I do, you will probably appreciate the mathematical approach to these two pieces. The quadrilateral cut of the C/Meo dress and circular features of the Pierre Hardy Heels. If you are a physics enthusiast like me, you will understand when I tell you that the applied force between my right hand fingers and my mouse are to blame for this purchase. It was that force that made me click the order tab to buy these items. Well, with the help of my brain too. They are two lovely pieces I just had to have.

The quadrilateral cut of this dress and the circular shapes on the shoes are very flattering.  The styling of the two pieces seems expected. A black dress and a polka dot shoe or a black dress and a pop of color or a black dress and black and white heels. Right? I believe everyone could do that. For me, the pieces were definitely not pulled because of those obvious choices. All I did was to put on my mathematical lens and what I saw were Geo Metrics. This styling is all about geometrical shapes. Check out the Alexis Bittar earrings. Geometric  baby! That is what styling is all about – thinking and styling out of the box; not forgetting to add a piece of you too.

P.S. I love the pop of color on the heels.

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Dress: C/MEO Collective

Shoes: Pierre Hardy

Earrings (old): Alexis Bittar