Are you feeling the cold already? For some of you, the weather is perfect. It is not hot at all and not too cold either. For some of us, the whole of yesterday and the A.M. part of today seemed pretty cold to the point that I wished I had worn a sweater rather than this satin top. The sun refused to come out in Maryland yesterday but with some luck on our side the sun decided to come out today rendering the day significantly warmer than yesterday.  The continuous drop in weather proves that Fall is really here and the winter calamities are fast approaching. Dang! I am beginning to dread the snow storms before they even occur. For me, one good thing about winter is that I get to stay home during some or should I say majority of our winter days. Wonderful days to look forward to.

Have you had a chance to browse the internet for this Fall’s color trends? What do you think about Pantone’s top 10? How does Pantone come up with these colors every season? Same color with different names. Warm taupe? Seriously! Who goes to the store looking for warm taupe anyway? LOL! Taupe is taupe but that color is a must for every wardrobe. If you do not have a taupe item in your closet, it is a MUST HAVE my friend so hit the store. Bodacious? Okay! I will need Pantone to elaborate more on how they come up with these names.

Designers depends on Pantone for colors guide. It is clearly no coincidence when there are more than three or five designers with clothing pieces with the same color theme on the runway. Pantone’s prediction!

One good thing about this color predictions by Pantone is that it also teaches you how to combine the colors. Try the suggestions listed on their website and you might eventually end up developing a natural eye for color formulas. One of the suggestions is to combine Bodacious with Sage or Teal. Try it and let us know what you think.

Trend #1 – Riverside


Trend #2 – Airy Blue

Airy Blue

Trend #3 – Sharkskin


Trend #4 – Aurora Red

Aurora Red

Trend #5 – Warm Taupe

Warm taupe

Trend #6 – Dusty Cedar

Dusty Cedar

Trend #7 – Lush Meadow

Lush Meadow

Trend #8 – Spicy Mustard

Spicy Mustard

Trend #9 – Potter’s Clay

Potter's Clay

Trend #10 – Bodacious