Ever since I bought this cute embroidered dress made by Altuzarra for Target that is yet to be worn, I have made a decision to never ignore high fashion designer collaborations.

Months ago, Kenzo announced its collaboration with H&M. The pieces were released to the media one at a time. None of the pieces released up to the point where I gave up interested me. Though youthful, energetic and very colorful, at first I couldn’t find a piece(s) that appeals to my sense of style. The touch of zebra print in the collection was just too overwhelming for me, though it is so Kenzo.  The clothes seemed too bright. Anyway, after a couple or more glances at the pieces, I think I am beginning to have a change of heart. Look at this piece here, here, and here. I think I like those.  Moreover, it’s Kenzo. the vibrant and colorful luxury brand. So what was I expecting?

In approximately two weeks time, Nov 3rd to be precise, interested shoppers will have access to its 112 pieces.  From clothing to shoes to jewelry to accessories. Before then, I will advise you to plan your shopping list ahead of time. Take a mental note of the items you want and click away on Nov 3 without wasting time. This will also be helpful if you are visiting a store in person. The last thing you want is another Balmain incident where the items you wanted were gone before you could click ‘add to bag’ or get a chance to get in the stores.

I am not sure what to make of this collection because of its colorful aesthetic. But after viewing the items a couple of times and seeing them on models, Iman and Rosario Dawson, I think I have successfully narrowed down my own shopping list.

These are the 27 amazing ones I heart and recommend you shop.