In Instyle Magazine’s March issue, Eric Wilson wrote a piece titled “Help! My favorite designer Dumped Me”. Though I have not had a favorite designer dump me but the piece somehow struck a chord because my favorite fashion houses and the designers are the ones dumping each other and I only get caught in the middle of the break-up. I can’t begin to tell you how many times my heart had been torn apart by designers decamping from my favorite fashion houses. It is far worse than anything I have ever endured with so-called besties.


Alexis Bittar ‘Elements Maldivian’ Long Tassel Pendant Necklace

“Why is this an issue?” you might ask since the brand is available online anyway. Convenience! Visiting a store a day before to get a key item for an event is a norm especially a gift.

See, few months ago, I had an event to attend so I decided to visit Nordstrom to buy a jewelry the day before. I had a particular brand in mind because at that point I had made-up my mind to only buy from brands with custom jewelry that would last more than a year or would afford me many wears before bidding my closet sai gobe (meaning: goodbye in Hausa). One of this brand is Alexis Bittar. Though pricey, I can assure you that you will get your money’s worth when you invest in an Alexis Bittar piece. Speaking from a personal perspective, you are guaranteed many years of wear without a tarnish.

Back to my story. Upon arriving at Nordstrom, after circling the jewelry section for some good minutes I realized Alexis Bittar jewelry were nowhere to be found amongst the other showcased brands.

Confused! “Do you need any help?” asked a salesperson. “Yes, where is Alexis Bittar? It’s usually located here.” I pointed to the showcase where Kate Spade’s items were displayed.

“We no longer carry the brand,” she responded. “You are kidding me. Since when?” I was really confused.


Alexis Bittar Liquid Hinge Bracelet

What happened? Who made the decision? Were customers not buying them? These were questions that slipped out of my mouth as they ran through my mind. Of course, she couldn’t provide responses to my queries but offered alternatives. Are you kidding me right now? I can’t believe I drove all the way from Ellicott City on  a Saturday to Rockville to hear this when someone could have mentioned it at Columbia with a sign board announcing the separation. As if!!! Lol! I just had a Cher, a character played by Alicia Silverstone from Clueless (an Iconic 90s classic) moment.

Sadly, I returned to my house without an Alexis Bittar jewelry and a decision to go to my event without a single jewelry just to mourn the devastating separation. With a banging makeup, no one will notice the absence of a jewelry and also know I was mourning in silence. Serious thing o! I guess I have to stick with buying online which is really not a preferred choice.

I’m still waiting for a response from the designers team. Three contact numbers provided by the brand that I called were not working. Ummmh! Maybe they will one day respond to an inquiry from a little fan like me sha. In the meantime, I’m sure my e-mail is lost somewhere in cyberspace. At least Nordstrom responded on Twitter saying someone will get back to me. Okay! The last time Alexis Bittar posted on Twitter was November 2015. The brand has released its Fall 2016 pieces so I guess they are still in business just not with Nordstrom.  I hope to get to the bottom of this. I am just a little curious cat at this point.

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