Beanie (similar: Here & Here)|| Cardigan (Similar: Here & Here)|| Parka (Similar: Here & Here) || Scarf (Similar: Here & Here) || Boots (Similar: Here & Here) || Sweatshirt (Similar: Here & Here) || Socks (Similar: Here & Here) || Wool Coat (Similar: Here & Here) || OTK Boots (Similar: Here & Here)

These are the items that I depend on to keep me warm during winter. Except for the outerwears, the parka and wool coat, the remaining 7 items are also worn indoors. If you come visiting, you will always find me in my Ugg boots and over-the-knee socks which are guaranteed to keep my toes warm. On blogging days, I will surely wear my hat, over-the-knee cable knit socks and throw on a scarf indoor. A little chilly in my laundry room/office space sometimes. Few days ago, a friend saw me wearing a blanket scarf in the house and he wondered why. Aside from the fall fashion touch a scarf adds to your winter look, it also keeps me warm…yes, in the house. I just love blanket scarfs. Long cardigans are a must and usually worn over a midi fitted dress.

What are your winter essentials?

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Sade Lewis