About a year and half ago, I wore an ankara midi dress that was barely off my shoulder blade to church. (Note: I do not like off the shoulder clothes and I was not about to throw a nice dress away) After service that Sunday, a pastor’s wife approached me while walking to my car and complimented me on the dress. It was my second time wearing it since I had it made more than 5 years prior to that day. I smiled and thanked her. Why address ignorance? She then went ahead to express her feelings about how she thought the dress was inappropriate for church especially for a pastor’s wife. She then proceeded to advice me to wear a scarf next time. I was not offended by her opinion but she caught me off guard when she made an attempt to drag Pastor Jo, my husband into the conversation. Pastor Jo smiled and said he will leave the two ladies to deal with it.  As soon as Pastor Jo left, I asked the lady if she saw Pastor Jo and I arrive in separate cars to church. She responded, “No.” Awon aye (spiritual and temporal of our world, lol)! She then proceeded to fakely let me know how it was done in First Square when she was there donkey years ago. Let’s just say two weeks later, sister “Aye” was at an event with a revealing shirt. Where is your scarf? I wish this Design Lab cold shoulder top was available that time because it would have been the perfect choice to church the following Sunday. Hopefully she would have gotten the message and not approach me about why I have my shoulders out. The nerves!!!

By the way, this was my outfit of choice to church last week Sunday. You will not find me in hats, you will not catch me in some oversized skirt or pantsuit or grandma dresses because I am just not your typical Pastor’s Wife. If skinny jeans is my cup of tea, that is exactly what I will have. If Uggs is my choice of footwear why does it bother you. So you want my toes to freeze abi (right)? Continiu! I am a modest somebody. A little peek is not a crime in my book. If you care to know, I love cutouts. Why leave a cute item in the store?

Cutouts and pop art on a top, I was sold. Paired with a leather jogger pant, so urban.

Top: Design Lab
Pant: BCBG Max Azria
Coat: Topshop
Shoes: Converse

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Sade Lewis