To prevent your men-inspired silhouette coats from swallowing up your figure, consider belting your voluminous coat with one of these six great ‘personal touch’ ideas for a more flattering shape.

Tulle – A tulle fabric as a belt option adds an afterthought of definition.


Ribbon – Opt for a grosgrain version because of its durable, ribbed texture. The wider the ribbon the better. Loop the ribbon around your waist twice and tie into a big bow. Add a brooch as your jewel.


Embellished – If you have been wondering what to do with that embellished sash you used on your wedding dress or bridesmaid dress, well here is an idea. You can also create your own by pinning your brooches on a double layered grosgrain ribbon belt. This gives your voluminous coat a glamorous touch.


Thin Studded – A thin leather belt is the norm. Choose a studded version for a glam rock effect.


Gingham – Do you want to be a risk taker and try something new? Steal this runway gingham version by Jacquemus. Visit your local fabric store and come out a trend setter.


Wide Leather – The wider the belt the more belted into place your coat will be. It will accentuate your waistline and hide problem area(s) at the same time.


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Sade Lewis