I am totally back from my two months break. It’s so funny how a week break turned into two months all because of life happenings I had no control over. I basically had to drag myself out of hibernation to continue on this beautiful journey in Bloggersville I am so glad to be back and hopefully none of my faithful followers jumped ship. Thanks for being patient guys!

This H&M vest dress looked really cute on the rack when I saw it at my local store. Nicely tailored with good quality fabric! I was in the process of shopping for new work wear pieces when I found it. Upon trying it on, I realized it was a bit roomy around the waist line and the slit seemed too risqué for work or church. What’s a girl to do when she really wants a dress and not ready to let it go. What we do best, of course! Buy the dress and figure it out later. A month earlier, I had seen a BCBG jersey lace hem dress I would love to have. I thought it would pair well underneath anything since it is cut from a very light fabric. So I ventured off to Lord and Taylor to pick it up.

I love the tie detail of the vest dress and how the fabric gathers on the side when tied. The effect of the lace hem dress under the vest dress is so alluring.

H&M Vest Dress (50% off)

BCBG Lace Hem Dress (Extra 30% off at checkout)

Chinese Laundry Heels

Gorjana Earrings

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