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April 2017

Pink Yarrow + Burgundy


Happy Friday! Still on the Pink Yarrow matter. If you have been paying attention to the ‘Currently Loving’ section of this blog you would have noticed this cute soft pink blouse which was added to that collection about a month…

Color of the Week – Pale Dogwood


Pale Dogwood is a very subtle shade of pink that has a certain innocence compared to its loud big sister fuchsia. This muted pink has a bit of an unadulterated sophistication that speaks modern and high-end. This color will pair…

Primrose Yellow


Primrose is one of the earliest spring flowers in nature. According to Wiki, Primrose means “first rose”. That’s quite a coincidence, the color being featured first out of Pantone’s top 10 and it’s meaning. In an earlier post (here), I…

Color of the Week – Primrose Yellow


Primrose is a shade of pale yellow that is soft and warm. A beautiful sunny color that featured on the runway in monochromatic pieces at Salvatore Ferragamo, flower like prints in Dries Van Noten and colorblocks at Alexis Mabeille. This…