Primrose is one of the earliest spring flowers in nature. According to Wiki, Primrose means “first rose”. That’s quite a coincidence, the color being featured first out of Pantone’s top 10 and it’s meaning. In an earlier post (here), I mentioned that this will pair well with vibrant Pink Yarrow. Do you know the flowers have pink forms in nature? Bottom-line, there is no need to stay boxed up in your normal, be a learner and look to the nature, your surroundings for inspiration. Though it seems natural that one would pair yellow with pink but the strategy of adopting ideas from nature will improve your styling techniques and what you normally wouldn’t consider pairing would look pair-able.

I hope all that made some kind of sense to you because to be honest I am writing under duress. But I hope you get the gist of the matter. I hate taking minutes and doing just that for work and for the past three hours just killed my brain cells. LOL!


Banana Republic Top
Banana Republic Pant (Also here and here)
Paul Andrew Heels
Argento Vivo Necklace

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