Things that most will tag as fashionably unusual is what gets my attention. This piece was a love at first sight item for me. Honestly! When I first laid my eyes the necklace on Polyvore, I immediately fell in love with it. I honestly thought it would make me look like royalty, which I already am. LOL! But trust my family members to make fun of it.

I called my daughter to come and check it out after I was done wrapping it around my neck.

“What in the world is that on your neck? Are you okay?”, Crystal looked confused.
“Shut up! My friend, it’s a necklace.” I responded excitingly. “Isn’t it cute?” Seeking approval.
“Mom! It looks like a rope to me.” Crystal giggled.

I went downstairs to show it to the rest of the family. The look on my husband’s face was priceless.
“What is that?” Jonathan asked.
“Oh gosh! It’s a necklace you guys. It’s nice.” I was trying so hard to make them see the beauty in it. But everyone looked confused.
“It looks like you are about to hang yourself,” he began laughing. “How is this a necklace? It’s a rope. You don’t plan on wearing that out of the house, do you?” He continued.
“I can’t believe you guys don’t like it. This is a really a nice statement piece.” It’s regal! Queenly!” Boy, did I try my best to make them see the beauty in the necklace.

Alex, my three years old wanted to be carried. Little did I know all he wanted to do was be able to reach my neck so he could have an opportunity at pulling on the neck piece.
All of a sudden, the whole family echoed, “Alex! stop! Don’t choke mommy.” Let’s just say it was a funny evening.

I knew I will one day have a chance at showing them how cute the necklace is once paired with the right clothing items. One cold morning, I did not feel like wearing a scarf with my coat so I chose the necklace as a scarf since it covers the whole neck and it worked. As you can see in the images below, paired with a mesh embroidered sequins lace dress I was right when I thought the piece is queenly.

I’m a risk taker, what do you expect.


Berequette Necklace

Dress – Custom Made (Fabric from ebay)

Suno Coat

Aquazzura Heels

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Sade Lewis