Gorjana Dez Drop Earrings (Nordstrom (50% off), Amazon, Shopbop, Think Her (available in turquoise))

These custom-made Gorjana earrings are stunning. They look really good paired with casual outfits. Equally looks pretty worn when dressed up. Gorjana pieces are really lightweight, cute, layerable and trendy. I bought the pink stone about two months ago. When they went on sale, I could not resist getting the Labradorite/Gold at 50% off from Nordstrom.

The sales rep at Nordstrom said if the necklace does tarnish, it can be sent to Gorjana to be re-dipped at no cost. Isn’t that awesome! just remember to keep them in the pouch to preserve the pieces. If you are looking to buy a friend a birthday gift, these are the perfect pieces. Any of the Gorjana pieces is a perfect choice.

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Sade Lewis