Pinstripe no longer looks boring. It is now a far cry away from what it used to be, a Wall Street uniform. Borrowed from the boys’ closet, pinstripe has evolved from its ancient button down shirt or suits and has been taken apart to form new shape and dimension. It has been reinvented and made into fun pieces that could be worn anywhere and everywhere by trendsetters with flair. For Spring/Summer 2017 runway, pinstripe spoke a new language that is more feminine but edgy. It was featured paired with lace, sequins, in different proportions and cut. If you do not have a pinstripe item in your closet then you are not woke. If you are ready to be woke, here are ways you could consider styling your pinstripe item. Don’t you wanna turn heads?

1. Floral

It could be a skirt or a shirt. If your confidence level is not high enough to rock this opposite attract look, for just a touch of flower you can choose to use a floral scarf as a belt. Make sure your pinstripe item is soft enough to not over shadow your floral piece.

2. Lines in Different Directions (Parallel, Perpendicular & Diagonal)

Consider mix matching your stripes. Horizontal lines over diagonal cuts just like Yuki Torii whose lines are not even perpendicular to each other. Or go for a right angle approach like the top and shorts presented by Assembly New York 

3. With Lace and Paisley

For a more luxurious approach, trying adding an intricate, a delicate and distinctive piece. Also try an embroidered top. Keep all clothing colors the same.

4. Denim

This is actually the most popular way to wear pinstripe. With denim. A common look in Bloggersville or Street Style.  The most common approach is the Johanna Ortiz presentation. What you are doing is basically combining an elaborated piece with a simpler one like Pyer Moss where the pant is very detailed and the top kept simple. 

5. Opposing Width

It does not matter which item has the widest or the smallest width. I’m really feeling the DKNY version. Try this in different colors. Might be loud but work.

6. Plaid and Gingham

Mix your pattern by pairing with plaid. As long as one color is represented in both top and bottom you are good to go. 

7. Sequins and Embellished

Make a royal statement. Pair your pinstripe blouse with a more decorative and detailed piece such as the embellished skirt in Dolce and Gabanna look. For Venetian feel, opt for sequins.

8. Animal Print and Patterned

Take a risk and do the imaginable. Animal print, anyone? Or keep it simple and go for Paul and Joe version.

9. Other Colors

Spread your net wide and catch as many pinstripe flavor as you can. You do not have to stick to the same color just make sure your line spacing is kept the same if colors are completely different.

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Sade Lewis