About a month ago, I blogged about this neck-piece but in a longer version and different color (see here). Some of the comments it generated on So Modishly Chic Facebook page were nothing short of hilarious. Apparently, I have some clumsy friends that thought adorning their gorgeous neck with this beautiful piece would result in an accidental choking incident. A funny guy/stalker/friend of mine said he felt like calling 911 when he saw the rope wound round my neck. Another olorinla (big head) like him also said why was he thinking about hanging someone at the moment with the rope. The post garnered more likes and comments than any of my earlier posts. This necklace is surely an attention grabber.

Let’s be honest! This neck-piece art is simply awesome.  Personally, I have an aesthetic appreciation of this Berequette Bohemian look and creativity. I strongly believe it speaks to my royalness. Yes! I agree that I am from a small village you can barely find on Google map. Yes! We are there represented by a bush. I am still “Your Highness”, kapish. I have digressed. I feel like writing today. Ope o (thankful).

My stalker/friend said, “Fashion is a strong thing.” I couldn’t agree more. I really appreciate Berequette’s unique effort in turning someone’s rope into another’s wearable item. That will be me, of course. Truth be told, my heart literally skipped a bit when I saw this creation on Etsy. To help you better understand exactly what I felt. It felt like a dose of Kunle Remi in “Tiwa’s Baggage” – a Nigerian movie. It wasn’t me! I did not watch that movie. I heard about it. I am naturally drawn towards such. Not Kunle Remi o but the necklace nau. LOL!

If I am still unable to satisfy your aesthetic sense with this shorter orange version, then maybe it is time you start paying attention to the aesthetic value of things. Be open-minded. Be a modernist. Give your bead necklaces a rest and try something new for once my friend. LMBO!

C’mon! It’s beautiful!

Have a great and lovely weekend!!!

Outfit Details

Necklace (c/o Berequette)

Tulle Skirt (Custom Made)

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Sade Lewis