I am sure you have heard or read it from so many sources to refrain from buying on impulse or buying what you need and not what you want. So have I. But as usual I have ignored those advises and just do me. When it comes to shopping, I am a love at first sight and MUST acquire chic.  I buy on impulse when I have really fallen in love with an item. I do not even think twice about it. Would I be considered arrogant if I say I have never missed? Well, maybe if we consider my first few baby steps in the shopping world. How have I been able to achieve this? By understanding the Art of Shopping? Yes, it is an Art. A skill that must and should be acquired if you do not want to end up with a lot of raggedy and unworn items. Does it have to be expensive? No! Does it have to be a designer? No! As a matter of fact, one of the best dresses I have ever owned was purchased from a store called Rave in the 90s. It was a Jacquard A-line mini dress. It was only $5 but of a very good quality in fabric and tailoring. I wore it for years before I finally gave up on it. See, I gave up on it and not the other way around.

First of all, who goes to the store, sees a beautiful dress, fall madly and deeply in love with it and then turn around to convince himself or herself that he or she does not need it? Who? In my world, I see it, I love it, I acquire it.  Can you imagine? I walked to the store with my two legs just to struggle with deciding on whether an item is a need and not a want. I only have one life to live. I cannot afford a $6,000 dollar Gucci dress. When I see that particular item,  I do what I do best which is to push myself to the middle of the room while seated in my ergonomic chair and stare in amazement for a minute as I utter ‘wooh’ repeatedly. Yep, it could be just that pleasing. See, that Gucci dress is a want and definitely not a need but if I can afford it, I will acquire it. Will I buy it because it is a Gucci dress? Of course not! Only because it is a well made beautiful item.

Should I buy that?

Well, to answer your own question, you have to be able to answer the following

  1. How much love do you have for the shoe or skirt? Were you in awe at first sight?
  2. Are you VERY SURE the item is going to get worn tomorrow, within a week, within a month or even a year after purchase, if your weight cooperates with you?
  3. Is it well made?
  4. Is it a style you would normally wear or something completely out of your comfort zone

If you doubt liking the item for a millisecond, then STAY the heck away from it. If you are not sure it will get worn, STAY the heck away from it. If the style is not in your comfort zone but you would consider buying it just because it is on sale, STAY the heck away. You have to have some love for the item! You have to be very sure it will adorn some part of your body such as a skirt adorning your waist, shoes on your feet, or necklace around your neck. The item being well made is relative. Personally, I  do not buy anything without checking the quality of the fabric and tailoring. For instance, I do not have time buying a coat with a poor lining. It will surely tear after a few months of wear. What store will take it back from you except Nordstrom? Not even Neiman Marcus will take your $1,500 coat back after it is worn. I do not care if the coat is twenty dollars. I have to inspect the inside. I have no money to waste just because it is cheap.

No matter how enticing the price slash is or how cute the skirt is, DO NOT buy it if the style is out of your comfort zone. Except if your main goal is to try something new and I will advice to seek the advice of a stylist on styling tips.

Always go with your first instinct. If you are a risk taker and feel the urge to buy, I will advice you to not leave the store without trying the item on. Better yet, place the item on a 24hrs hold to decide. If there is no genuine love between you and the item, the lust for the item will go away.

In these pictures, the necklace and the trouser were bought over a year ago. I fell in love with the necklace the moment I saw it and it was less than $10. So I did not struggle with buying it. There were two of the necklaces left in the store so I bought both with the hopes of giving one out. The trouser on the other hand was a different experience. I did not have to drool over it because it is already an item with features that I would normally wear – oversized, flared, dropped waist, floor gazing length and wool. I was a bit hesitant when I first saw it because there were too many of them left on the rack. It was as if no one wanted the trousers. So I decided to monitor its buying progress for two weeks. Still, no one would buy the pants so I decided to buy one just to prove I could do something with it. They are cute so why would anyone not want them?

Yes! One year later, both items finally worked out worn together. See, a case of an irresistible impulse to buy backed with a tactful shopping skills.

Outfit Details

Banana Republic Shirt

Banana Republic Trouser

Macy’s Necklace 

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